Curtains make a space more formal and introduce warmth and opulence. They can create a particular mood and dress up an area, and provide a contemporary look, or minimalist style with a soft heading.

Complement your décor with custom made curtains and enjoy the versatility they will add to your home. Curtains provide you with the flexibility for controlling sun, light and privacy. Enjoy the superior insulation qualities of keeping heat in when it is cold, and heat out during the warmer months. 

Curtain Trends

A trend towards more adventurous colours, patterns and combinations of textures is evident in the latest releases with florals, leaf and vine, circles and stripe designs created to match the natural look and feel of fabrics. Rather than just the use of natural colours, styles are trending towards a more hand-crafted look dominating this theme with touches of vibrant and deep colours. These colours are inspired by nature and the landscape, such as greens, blues, oranges and reds. It is anticipated that this trend will move towards a combination of old and new, such as vintage looks, embroideries, natural-textured and geometric patterns.